Consolidation update: What GSU President Becker says

By: Farhin Lilywala On Feb. 24, as requested by Georgia State President Mark Becker, leadership from the Clarkston campus gathered in the CN building. Attendees included most Consolidation Implementation Committee members, as well as other faculty and staff members, totalling about 50-60 people. At this meeting, Clarkston Dean of Student Affairs Matthew Robison and Clarkston Dean […]

Modern-Day $lavery

Beware: College students targeted for sex trafficking By: Evie Palmer The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865. Yet, 150 years later, the human trafficking industry is a 32 billion dollar industry. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states, “It’s sad but true; here in this country, people are being bought, sold and smuggled like modern-day […]

The ink well is running dry

By David Schick Unless drastic action is taken soon, this could be one of the very last issues the Collegian ever prints. I’m not trying to sound like Chicken Little here, I’m just trying to face facts. GPC’s student paper is on a path to utter annihilation unless something is done fast. The Collegian’s print […]

Art with Children at Heart

The GPC Decatur Campus 2D Art class decided to host a seven week Art Program with Egleston Children’s Hospital at Emory University that aides in teaching kids art.This program, started Sept 20, was inspired by Phillip Mosier, an art instructor at Decatur Campus, wanting his students to give back to the community through art. “Whether […]