New Opportunities for Students Interested in Multimedia

Students interested in pursuing a career in the multimedia industry now have an opportunity to participate in a newly chartered club at the Dunwoody campus called the Media Club. Multimedia, by definition, is the use of multiple mediums to express and communicate to an audience. This club is open to majors including Broadcast Journalism, Mass Communications, Public Relations, and English, will give its members a chance to accumulate real world experience outside of the classroom and in their field of study. Professor Isley, a communications instructor at Dunwoody, is the advisor of the club.

When asked about the importance of creating this club, John Marshal, charter member and Vice President, replied, “This profession is not a desk job. It requires you to be hands-on at a broadcasting station, like for a newscast or radio station.”

“I believe that just sitting in class won’t give students all the necessary skills they need in the real world,” Nahalia Thomas, the President of the club, agreed.

Thomas decided to start this club, because she desired to be more involved with the school.

Thomas said, “I know there are many people who feel confused and lost in college. Speaking for myself, all I do is go to class and go home. I spoke with several students and they felt the same way. We all wanted to be more involved but did not know where to start.”

In addition to using the resources available in the Media Spot, the Media Club will be able to assist its members to achieve a hands-on experience in understanding and learning more about media essentials through working together and creating networking opportunities by visiting with local broadcasting stations and professional societies such as the Public Relations Society of America and the National Association of Black Journalists.

According to Thomas, meetings will consist of workshops helping students develop skills applicable to the media industry.

“It is a way to put the great ideas of GPC students together and discover hidden talent. By working together we can make a difference and be prepared to work in the real world,” Thomas said.

Upon hearing about the Media Club, film major Leslie Miranda said, “This club is an awesome opportunity to practice aspects of film instead of reading about it in books.”

With over 20 students already interested in joining, the Media Club has a bright future ahead at GPC. While there is no set date for the first meeting yet, the goal is to start the club by the Summer semester.

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