Mariah Carey’s New A No No Remix Featuring Shawni Is Fire

Mariah Carey drops new music video for A No No featuring Shawni and it’s certainly an improvement over the last copy/paste version featuring Stefflon Don. It’s sad that they couldn’t fly her out to the USA from London.

But, Shawni saves the day with her killer flow and a colorful verse in the new remix. And, she is actually in the video interacting with Mimi. That’s A Yes Yes!

Mariah Carey's New A No No Remix Featuring Shawni Is Fire 1

So all my exes need to tell you that I’m sorry
That I didn’t leave you sooner
I’m sorry I gave you more time than I shoulda
‘Cause I shoulda walked right by you that day
When you told me I was cute, shoulda smiled and said thank you

What do you think of the new version? Will there be more remixes? And, is this leading up to rumored Cardi B remix ft LiL Kim and Missy Elliot?

It’s a train after all and Mimi keeps saying “get on the A No No train”. What’s the final stop? Check out the new video below!

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