Mariah Carey Releases Video For “A No No” and meh…

Before our fellow lambs go in on the article, just know that we love the song and the music video. It’s just that we were expecting something a bit different a la “Touch My Body” which, by the way, is a billboard hot 100 #1 song (not many artist can claim that).

For those who haven’t seen the video as yet, you can check it out below and read our thoughts after and let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Mariah seems to be having fun in the music video for “A No No” and it even features shots of her kids, Miss Monroe and Rocky.

Heck, even boy toy, Bryan Tanaka makes an appearance which is more than he got on Da Brat’s Instagram story…

Did y’all see Stella in the video? For sure we did:

Mariah Carey Releases Video For "A No No" and meh... 1

However, the disappointment was that it was just a single set with mostly shots of Mimi moving around a train.

Don’t take it the wrong way, as lambs, we love seeing Mariah. But, it’s been this way for her last two music videos for the album as well.

Why not something like the “Touch My Body” video? Something to connect with more people and not just us lambs who, by the way, will love the video no matter what and if you don’t you’re actually a goat.

The lyrics for “A No No” really do lend to a great story line.

Picture Mimi in shorts and a crop top cutting grass in the opening of the music video with an actual “Edward Scissors hands running around” cutting heads off.

I ain’t even mad, no not like before
Off with your head, now slither out the door
Snakes in the grass it’s time to cut the lawn
Answers the hands a.k.a I cut you off

Do you think? We can even imagine several past lovers or “users” in the video following Mimi around begging for attention or forgiveness but all they get is… “A No No” during the chorus.

You ain’t gonna lie to my face no more
Hit me with “I’m sorry” but I’m sorry, no
Na na na na na na na na na na

Can you imagine all that? What an awesome music video that would be!

Even if I was the last woman alive
I would be like Ginger, you ain’t Gilligan isle
Really don’t care, I’m in love with the island
Rockin’ Dior ’cause it goes with my diamonds
Got a pink gown custom by Alaia
I’ll be on stage when the stadium light up

Here’s a perfect time for a scene change of Mimi in the bath tub pretending to be on an island. Not just any bath tub, a bath tub decked out in diamonds because why not? And yes, she’ll be in that pink custom by Alaia because WHY NOT?

We could go on and on but we got a music video and we must support the Queen. Case closed.

Hopefully, there’s a remix and a new video with the remix as well. And, by chance, Mariah or someone from her team sees this and snatched a few ideas or leaves a message to get in touch, haha.

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