Legends of Runeterra Keywords, Abilities, Effects Guide

In Legends of Runeterra, champion and spell cards have keywords that tell you what ability or effect a unit has. The main Legends of Runeterra keywords, abilities and effects are:


If the next card in your deck is of the same region, you gain a bonus.


Attack effects trigger when the unit in question is attacking. It occurs before the attack happens.


Shield an ally champion with a Barrier. The barrier protects them from the next round of damage.


When a card is Captured, it is removed from the game entirely and returns once the unit that captured it is no longer in play. Neither player can interact with Captured units.

Can’t Block

Units with Can’t Block can’t be used to block enemy units’ attacks.


Challenger allows units to choose which enemy minion blocks their attack.


Obliterate completely removes cards from the game. Obliterated cards can’t trigger Last Breath and can’t be revived.

Double Attack

Double Attack allows the unit to strike both before and at the same time as its blocker.


Drain steals health from a foe and applies the damage dealt as health to your Nexus. A typical keyword for spells. Not so much units.


Elusive units can only be blocked by other units with Elusive.

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You become ‘Enlightened’ once you reach 10 maximum mana


Ephemeral units die at the end of each round, or after attacking an enemy.


Fearsome units can only be blocked by enemies with 3 Power or more.


Fleeting cards are discarded at the end of the round if they’re not used.


Frostbite sets a unit’s Power to 0 for the round.

Last Breath

If a unit is destroyed, Last Breath revives the unit during the next round.


Damage dealt by a Lifesteal unit heals your Nexus.

Nexus Strike

These effects trigger when a unit Strikes the enemy Nexus.


Excess damage you deal to a blocker is dealt to the enemy’s Nexus.


These abilities trigger when you play a card from your hand. This can range from card generation to enemy disruption.

Quick Attack

Quick Attack allows your unit to deal its damage to the enemy before enemy damage is dealt to it. So, if you destroy the foe, your unit survives without taking any damage.

Ready Your Attack

If you summon a unit that has “ready your attack”, it generates an Attack Token. An Attack Token indicates when you can attack the enemy and is the sword icon to the right of the screen, near the big blue pass button.

You can use this ability to attack during a defensive turn or attack twice when it’s your turn to attack.


Recalled units are returned to their player’s hand.


Regeneration heals the unit fully at the start of each round.


An ability that can be responded to by an enemy.

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Strike effects occur when a unit deals damage. If a unit doesn’t deal damage with an attack, such as a 0 Power or frostbitten unit, Strike effects don’t trigger.


A stunned enemy unit cannot attack or block for the rest of the round.


A Support effect is given to the unit to the right of the supporting unit when attacking.


Tough units receive one less damage from all sources.


Traps attach to cards within the enemy’s deck. Drawing a card affected by a trap triggers the effect.



Slow spells can not be cast during combat. They must be played before or after.


Fast spells can be cast at any time, You can cast multiple at a time. Once activated, the opponent has a chance to respond (counter if possible).


Burst spells can also be played at any time. However, you opponent does not have a chance to respond (block).