Kaci Greene No Longer Student Life Director

Student Life is looking for a new director after the abrupt departure of Kaci Greene. Beloved by many students, Greene has been Student Life director at the Newton Campus for nearly three years.

Reasons for Greene’s leaving remains largely unknown, as she declined to be interviewed; The offices of Student Life could not be reached for comment. However, Greene expressed her gratitude for her time at GPC in an email sent to all students.

“Thank you for your support of student life the last 2.75 years,” wrote Greene. “I sincerely enjoyed working the Student Government Association and the student leaders in our clubs and organizations; the students were a daily reminder of why I believe in the new development of the whole person through academic achievement and co-curricular involvement.

“I developed lifelong friendships and meaningful professional relationships with many faculty and staff members at GPC,” she added, “Thank you for your support and friendship personally and professionally.”

Student Life hopes to fill the position by September.

by Sabastian Wee, Newton Managing Editor

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