How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Connect To Bluetooth

When an iPhone won’t connect to Bluetooth, the best way to fix it is to restart your iPhone and then reset the Bluetooth connection. To do this, turn off the Bluetooth setting and then turn it back on.

Here are other ways to fix an iPhone that won’t connect to Bluetooth:

  • Turn Your iPhone Off And Back On Again
  • Turn Bluetooth Off And Back On Again
  • Turn Pairing Mode On Your Bluetooth Device Off And Back On
  • Forget The Bluetooth Device
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Contact Apple

Turn Your iPhone Off And Back On Again

  • Press and hold the power button to turn your iPhone off.
  • Wait for the slide to power off to appear on the screen.
  • Swipe the power icon from left to right to turn off your iPhone. 
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds to make sure your iPhone completely shuts down.

Turn Bluetooth Off And Back On Again

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Tap the switch next to Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth is off when the switch is gray.
  • Tap the switch again to turn Bluetooth back on.
  • The Bluetooth is on when the switch is green.

Turn Pairing Mode On Your Bluetooth Device Off And Back On

  • Toggle or press the switch or button on your Bluetooth device to put it in and out of pairing mode.
  • Press or hold that button or switch on your Bluetooth device to take it out of Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Wait for 30 seconds, then press the button or flip the switch again to put the device back into pairing mode.
  • After turning pairing mode off and back on, try connecting your Bluetooth device to your iPhone once again.
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Forget The Bluetooth Device

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Tap the blue “i” next to the Bluetooth device you want to forget.
  • Tap Forget This Device.
  • When prompted again, tap Forget Device.
  • The device should no longer appear under My Devices in Settings -> Bluetooth.
  • Restart your iPhone and reconnect the device again.

Reset Network Settings

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Reset. (Reset is the last option in Settings -> General).
  4. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  5. Enter your passcode when prompted on the screen.
  6. Your iPhone will reset network settings and restart itself.
  7. When your iPhone restarts, reconnect to the Bluetooth device again.

Contact Apple

If your iPhone is still not connecting to Bluetooth, it’s best to take it to a repair shop. You can get help from Apple by setting up an appointment at an Apple Store or via the mail-in repair service.