Inside GPC’s SGA

Every college appoints a group of individuals to support and delegate the needs of the students attending. The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student body’s first-hand advocate. The SGA is also related to student life; they provide support, information and assistance for the entire campus.

SGA is also referred to as the voice of the students. Their responsibilities consist of managing student activity funds, advertising activities, the Jaguar Activity Group (JAG) program, college courts and assisting with campus programming.

Jolene Key is the JAG chief programmer for the 2013-2014 year. Jaguar Activity Group (JAG), stems from SGA. This group focuses on educational, social and healthy movements for the campus. Key states that the main events for the remainder of the spring semester are Homecoming 2014 preparation and the Spring Fling.

Key says the Spring Fling has recently been changed to Jag Fest saying, “We want to focus on making the JAG Fest the best we can. We will have activities like laser tag, and this year we want to have a Luau.”

Fun events for the students are just a small portion of what the SGA does. They also try to support the surrounding communities by introducing new programs, working with public safety to better the streets and provide Alumni the opportunity to stay involved within the school.

Court Justice Ebbie Willocks is using his influence to engage alumni in how important donating to the school is. Willocks is an intern with the GPC Annual Giving Foundation. He is currently representing the Clarkston and

Decatur campuses.

“The goal for the organization is to increase giving from the alumni of the last decade,” said Willocks.

He wants to spark their experience of GPC and the opportunity it has given past students so that present and future students can properly attain their degrees.

“For some, the state covers less than half of what’s needed for college,” said Willocks. “With donations students have the ability to continue their education and equip themselves with the tools necessary to achieve excellence.”

Clarkston SGA is also working with public safety to add crosswalk signs for the high school and college students so that the streets are safe for pedestrians, sponsoring Spirit Day for the seniors at Clarkston High School who are potential students, and Senator Jade Gibbs is planning for the upcoming fall semester by introducing several committees to benefit students.

Gibbs says that The Student Service Advisory committee and the Learning Support Advisory committee are important saying, “They support students who are having trouble in certain areas of study and resolve problems by talking with people who have been in the same position.”

Key also talks about student involvement on campus. Key admits that placing changes with the marketing materials have increased the morale of not only the staff, but also the student body.

“Adding color and catchy quotes to the flyers grab the attention of the students.”

There are benefits to becoming a SGA committee member and also a JAG member.

“Not only are there stipend jobs, but it is also a great experience, a place to study and a chance to get involved with the school,” said Key. “We encourage individuals to come and bring new ideas so that things can consistently improve. We are the bridge to the Dean and college leaders for the students.”

Clarkston SGA meetings are held on Fridays at 10 a.m in the CN 2240 building.

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