How to remove Peel Smart Remote app from your smartphone

My friend has an Android and he noticed that there was an app named Peel Remote on it.

He tried to remove it but there no option to uninstall it. He asked me why he couldn’t remove it.

I found out that Peel Smart Remote is an app that may come pre-installed on Android smartphones.

Whether it is your HTC, Samsung, or another device, it is very difficult to uninstall pre-installed applications.

Luckily you can disable the Peel Smart Remote app and remove it from the app drawer on your smartphone.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to uninstall Peel Remote

  1. Settings

    Open the settings app on your device.

  2. Apps

    Tap apps and scroll till you find Peel Smart Remote.How to remove Peel Smart Remote app from your smartphone 1

  3. Disable & Stop

    Tap DISABLE and FORCE STOP to turn Peel Remote off.

  4. More Settings

    Go back ( settngs -> apps) and click the three dots icon.

  5. Disable Peel Smart Remote Privileges

    Select app permissions and toggle off the ‘Draw over other apps ‘ and ‘Modify system settings’ privileges.

What happens when I disable Peel Smart Remote?

When you disable the app, it will be restored to the original factory version and it no longer appears in your app drawer.

Can I re-enable Peel Smart Remote after I disable it?

Yes. To re-enable Peel Remote simply follow the above steps and choose ENABLE instead of DISABLE.

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