How To Get V Bucks For Free

Fortnite players can get v bucks through Save the World daily log-ins, time missions, complete battle pass challenges, daily quests, and shield defense missions.

How To Get V Bucks For Free 1

Save The World Daily Log-Ins

Players who log into Fortnite every day earn extra V-bucks. The more consecutive days you log on, the larger the V-bucks reward the player receives.

For example, when players log in for 11 days in a row they receive 50 V-bucks. At 28 consecutive days, players receive 300 V-bucks for free. Log in for 336 days straight and get 1000 free V-bucks.

Timed Missions

Timed Missions are part of Fortnite: Save the World. These timed missions appear on the map and are identified by a clock sign. The mission changes every 24 hours. The Mini-Boss timed mission is the only one that awards free bucks.

The Mini-Boss timed mission rewards players with 25-40 V-Bucks depending on the level of difficulty. There are three timed missions available per day.

Complete Battle Pass Challenges

There are three free weekly challenges. These challenges include finding items across the map, defeating enemies, destroying structures, etc.

Players who complete these challenges earn Battle Stars. As you earn more Battle Stars, your free Battle Pass levels up. Some levels award 100 V-bucks. However, most rewards are cosmetics. Premium Battle Pass players earn free V-bucks as they level up through earning experience points (XP).

Daily Quests

Another way for players to earn V Bucks while playing Fortnite is by completing daily quests. There are many daily quests and each time you complete one you are rewarded with 50 V-Bucks.

Shield Defense Missions

By completing Save the World Storm Shield Defense missions, players can get free V Bucks. Players can find these missions at locations dotted on the map.

The easiest missions are the StoneWood missions with the others increasing in difficulty as you progress. Once complete, each mission rewards 100 V-bucks.

Buy V-Bucks To Get V Bucks

The only other method to get V bucks is by purchasing them through the store. When you purchase the $24.99 package you get extra v-bucks, the $59.99 package awards an additional $15 worth of free V-Bucks. The $99.99 Package includes an additional $35 worth of free V-bucks.

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