How To Counter Teemo?

The best way to counter Teemo is to buy control wards and equip Oracle’s lens to reveal his traps. Teemo’s main advantage is his poison.

Items like Mercury Treads and Spirit Visage help reduce damage from his poison.

Avoid fighting Teemo when his blind is up especially if you are using a melee champion. His blind blocks incoming auto-attack damage.

Teemo in his little devil skin.

Does Jax Counter Teemo?

Jax has a hard time playing against Teemo. The safest route is to use Nullifying orb and build a Spirit Visage to help offset Teemo’s magic damage. Hexdrinker is a good item if you prefer to output more damage rather than defend.

Does Darius Counter Teemo?

Teemo and Darius are even in lane and the outcome depends on the skill level of the players. As Darius, building Spectre’s Cowl and Mercury Treads give you extra sustain. Darius’ passive and slow still stack even if Teemo uses his blind (Q). Teemo’s auto attack range is the same as Darius’ Apprehend making it easy to pull him in when he attacks you.