Persian Ivy

Hedera colchica also known as the Persian ivy is a perennial climbing ivy plant that grows on trees, cliffs, and walls. This type of ivy can also grow on the ground where no vertical surfaces are found. Hedera colchica, also called as Persian ivy or colchis ivy, is a very vigorous botanical species, capable of […]

Himalayan Ivy

Hedera nepalensis otherwise known as the Himalayan ivy is a type of ivy that is a woody, perennial, climbing vine that can also be used as ground cover. The Himalayan ivy can be found mostly in moist soil that’s in the shade. It is rarely used as a ground cover or decorative climber in gardens and parks. Description This climbing […]

English Ivy

English ivy is also known as Hedera helix and it is one of the most popular types of ivy for gardening both indoor and outdoor. The plant also goes by the names common ivy, English ivy, European ivy, or just ivy. Description The English ivy is a climbing plant that grows between 66 to 98 feet high. The plant […]

Types of Residential Buildings With Pictures and Names

There are 5 principal residential building types to choose from. These include single-family homes, condos, and townhouses. Choosing between the different types of residential buildings will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and needs. What is a residential building? A residential building is a building where more than half of its floor area is for dwelling purposes. A residential building offers sleeping accommodation […]

10 Most Common Types of Houses in the USA

Americans like a variety of houses. But there are certain types of houses in America that are more popular than others. From Victorian-style homes to bungalows, here are the most popular house styles in the USA. Ranch The rural areas of the southwest and west feature some of the most beautiful ranch style homes in the United […]

8 Awe-Inspiring Types of Basement Ceilings

Your basement does not have to have a drop ceiling or drywall. Their are many other types of basement ceilings to consider. Stretch Ceiling A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling that has two fundamental parts – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. Though costly, this type of ceiling is easy to install. […]

Tray Ceiling Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

If you’re looking for tray ceiling ideas, tray ceiling designs, or just some good ol’ tray ceiling pictures, here are the best tray ceiling design ideas for every room in your home! What is a Tray Ceiling? A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center section that is several inches (or […]

101 Different Types of Flowers – Explanation & Visual Guide

Nature is full of amazing things. There are beautiful butterflies and squishy earthworms that spread out over different types of terrain. Butterflies like flowers. And, there are many different types of flowers too! So many plants and animals types, so little time to name and show them all. From different types of ivy plants to […]

50+ Kitchens With Tray Ceiling (Photo Gallery)

This gallery of images displays the best tray ceiling kitchen designs and ideas. A tray ceiling is a common type of ceiling used to outfit any room adding depth and a decorative touch to a normal height ceiling. What is a Tray Ceiling? A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center […]

50+ Dining Rooms With Tray Ceiling (Photo Gallery)

This gallery of images presents the best tray ceiling dining room designs/ideas. A tray ceiling is a popular type of ceiling treatment used to outfit any room adding depth and a decorative touch to a normal height ceiling. What is a Tray Ceiling? A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center […]

15 Different Types Of Ceilings – Explanation + Visual Guide

If you’re looking to change your house ceiling then there are different types of ceilings that you’d want to consider before doing so. Ceiling styles can vary by the type of house, the room, and even by the type of siding that you choose. Types of Ceilings Below are the different ceiling types that you […]

15 Different Types Of Blinds – Explanation + Visual Guide

If you’re like me and you’re looking to buy new blinds for your home, then here are all the different types of blinds that you can find. Different blind styles or shades are great for privacy or are more decorative in nature. And many people, myself included, prefer to use them instead of putting up […]

17 Types Of Siding For Your House And Their Uses

There are different types of siding that you can use for different types of homes. Exterior siding has many purposes. Of course, your main purpose will be to beautify your home. But, different types of house siding provide varying levels of protection against weather and varying degrees of insulation. And, the siding styles that you […]

A List of the Best Second Hand Furniture Stores Online

In today’s digital world its no surprise that you can find second-hand furniture stores online where you can buy used furniture at bargain prices. If you prefer to go out to a store you can always use Google to look up “used furniture stores near me”. I use a variety of online furniture thrift stores […]

Types of Houses To Consider When House Hunting

When I’m looking at different types of houses, I split them into two categories: different architectural styles and different types of residential building structures. So, what’s the difference? I know some of you will ask this question. The different types of architectural styles are the fashion you build the home in. For example, different types […]

The Evolution of the Wingback Chair

Timeless and modern, dramatic and refined, elegant and majestic – the wingback chair has stood strong on its cabriole legs for hundreds of years. But where did this design originate? Who was the creative brilliant mind behind the delicate, but regal piece? With a history as rich as it is captivating, the wingback chair has endured tweaks […]