Why Do My Guppies Stay In The Corner Of Tank?

The number one reason why guppies stay in the corner of the aquarium is that the guppy fish are stressed. When stressed, guppies can huddle in a corner, stay at the bottom, or float at the top of the tank and stay completely still.

Guppy fish swimming in an aquarium.

Reason Why Guppies Stay in the Corner of Tank

Reason Why Guppies Float At The Top of Tank

When guppies keep swimming at the top of the aquarium it is because they are struggling to get oxygen in the water. Warm water, above 86 °F (30 °C), lowers the oxygen level in the water. In this situation, your guppies will gasp for air at the surface.

You can get a pump or adjust the water temperature accordingly. Overcrowding and pollution also cause oxygen levels to decrease. Filters help in purifying the water so they would help to improve the water conditions.

Things To Consider

Ammonia burns are a very common problem in new aquariums. The tiniest amount of ammonia can harm and eventually cause your guppy fish to die.

Adding guppies to a brand new aquarium is not a good idea. You need to cycle the tank first. To speed up the process add nitrifying bacteria like API Quick Start.

Cycle refers to the nitrogen cycle which is where you allow enough good bacteria to grow on the filter media to break down ammonia and nitrite into nitrate. The process takes 4~6 weeks.

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The only way to remove nitrates and other compounds from the water is through water change. So, do 30-50% water changes every week. A water conditioner like Seachem Prime can also be used to remove chlorine and other substances from tap water.

A note on female guppies. More than likely, the female guppy is about to give birth to her fry. Thus, if you see a female in the corner, it might be a good idea to remove her from the main tank and transfer her to a breeding box or solitary tank so that you can save the baby fry.

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