GPC Welcomes Nursing Students At Fall Orientation Program

Future nursing students for Fall 2013 attended their annual orientation and bootcamp held on the Clarkston campus on Aug. 6.

“The camp is three days where we help the incoming fundamentals of nursing students,” said Jennette Crawford Nursing and Tutorial Lab Director. “There are 105 starting in the fall. They get orientated to the student handbook and what to expect for the course that they are entering.”

This is the sixth bootcamp that the nursing department has held for incoming nursing students. Along with faculty and staff there are more than 25 second year nursing students coming in as volunteers.

“Its a wealth of information,” said GPC Nursing student Kimberly Robinson. “It’s great to look and see my schedule going further, it lets you know what to expect.”

The orientation is mandatory, but the last two days are not.

“It’s mandatory because it’s important for people to know what the expectations of the program are,” said Crawford. “ A chance to get all their paperwork in, they get the introduction to the program, and it’s a very important piece for them to know.”

Tables were set up for the various student nursing organizations such as Men in Nursing, Ga PCANS and the Nurses Christian Fellowship to come out and speak with their peers.

“It’s important to network with other students,” said Michael Garner president of Men in Nursing.  “It looks great on a resume and provides access to help navigate the nursing program. ”

Nursing students are required to wear their uniforms at different times during their studies. Meridy’s Uniforms which provides the students with their attire also came out during the orientation.

“We supply the uniforms the students wear for clinical setting,” said Teresa Meadows, vice president of marketing for Meridy’s Uniforms. “They want to get them early so they can wear them at clinical sites. It helps the hospital staff know that they are students. It looks professional, and it represents GPC well.”

The orientation provides lunch, seminars on team building, test taking strategies and study skills.

“The final day we do team building exercises to help them get to know each other, which is  better to start that bonding,” said Crawford. “We do a lot of introduction to the practice lab that teaches them the skills that they need to do in nursing.”

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