16 Flowers That Start With H

These are the many species of flowers with name and picture for you to see. This is a list of flower names that begin with the letter H. Emphasis is placed on common and easy to grow kinds.


Common Flower Names Beginning With H.

Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus “Kopper King”)

The hardy hibiscus attracts butterflies and is pretty easy to grow despite being a slow grower.


The English common names heath and heather are shared by some closely related genera of similar appearance.

Heather. (Erica).

Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica commonly known as nandina, heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo, is a species of flowering plant native to eastern Asia from the Himalayas to Japan. 

16 Flowers That Start With H 1


Hebe is also known as the ‘Showy Speedwell’ and it’s native to New Zealand. Although, you can find it in other parts of the world these days.

Hebe.  'Showy Speedwell'. (New Zealand Native).


Helenium or Sneezeweed is a member of the sunflower family.

Helenium. (Sneezeweed).
Bees feeding on Sneezeweed flowers.


Heliotrope (Cherry Pie Plant) is a bushy, evergreen, short-lived shrub with dense clusters of bright purple flowers, notable for their intense, rather vanilla-like fragrance

Heliotrope. (Cherry Pie Plant).


Hellebores thrive best in rich, moist and well-drained soil. They are also known as the Winter Rose.

Hellebore. (Winter rose).


Hepatica (Hepatica nobilis)


Hibiscus.  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. (Rose Mallow).

High Mallow

High mallow (Malva sylvestris)

Highbush Blueberry

Blueberries produced from the highbush varieties are mostly used fresh.

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Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum)

Hollow Root

16 Flowers That Start With H 2


Alcea rosea, the common hollyhock, is an ornamental plant. Fun fact, fungus overwinters on the few green leaves remaining at the base of hollyhocks and perennial mallows, and may also survive within the crown of the plant. 

Hollyhock. (Alcea Rosea).


Lunaria annua, called honesty or annual honesty in English, is a species of flowering plant whose name means “moon-shaped” and refers to the shape and appearance of the seedpods.

Honesty. (Lunaria).


Honeysuckle. (Lonicera).

Hooker’s Orchid Cactus

Hooker’s Orchid Cactus is a climbing cactus that produces a loose mass of long, flat, strappy foliage that results in a lovely sculptural effect. The flowers open only at night and close by morning.

Hooker’s Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum Hookeri)

Horned Violet

16 Flowers That Start With H 3


These plants are easy-to-grow and long-lived, Hostas (Plantain Lilies) are shade-loving perennials that are highly prized by gardeners for their elegance and attractive foliage.

Hosta. (Plantain Lily).

Hummingbird’s Mint

Agastache (Hummingbird Mint, Hyssop) are showy, fragrant, long-blooming perennials that as their name suggests, are highly attractive to hummingbirds.

Hummingbird’s Mint (Agastache cana)


The common garden Hyacinth, Hyacinth Orientalis, originated in Anatolia and was brought to Europe in the 16th century.

Hyacinth. (Asparagus Family).

Hybrid Tuberous Begonia

Hybrid tuberous begonia (Begonia)


Hydrangea. (Hortensia).

Generally speaking, acidic soil, with a pH lower than 6.0, yields blue or lavender-blue hydrangea blooms. Alkaline soil, with a pH above 7.0, promotes pinks and reds. With a pH between 6 and 7, the blooms turn purple or bluish-pink.

Hydrangea (Hydrangea angustipetala)


The name “St. John’s Wort” refers to any member of the Hypericum family

Hypericum. (St. John's Wort).