Expletives fly over fashion show fiasco

“F— you, h-,” Student Government Association Senator Munir Limay yelled at Senator Unique Kersey-Watts as he stormed out of the Clarkston SGA meeting.

The meeting was once again closed to outsiders, before beginning deliberation and voting on a request concerning an after-the-fact reallocation of funds from the Imaginary Hipsters fashion club. The meeting was briefly opened when senator Limay exited and made his outburst.

Asked if anything was wrong, he replied that there was and that “the fashion show didn’t get their numbers right and they’re trying to rush the meeting and they’re not giving me time to crunch the numbers.”

Earlier, in the open portion of the meeting, the Imaginary Hipsters’ request to reallocate part or all of the event’s $4,290.93 cost had sparked vigorous debate.

Student Life Director Angela Avery-Jones explained that the show’s organizer, Ja’Mal Lewis, took the original itemized allocation and “reallocated at will in making contracts with new hosts and handling business as he needed to do but without coming back to actually get it reallocated.”

Senator Katrina Allen expressed confusion about the decision to pay outside hosts — designers flown in from New York — when a student could have done the same thing for free.

Upon finding out that the hosts were flown in, senator Kersey-Watts asked, “Host airfare? Where’d they get these people from? They flew ‘em in?”

Senator Allen exclaimed, “Did we approve this?”

“They just blew the money that we gave them on stuff they wanted to do,” Senator Kersey-Watts said.

There was an immediate mediation where both senators expressed apologies and came to an understanding.

“That will not happen again,” assured Avery-Jones, “because in a boardroom there could be job loss.”