Are you an EU citizen? If you’re planning a trip to the United States, you have to know that it is necessary to complete a form before proceeding to make such a trip, regardless of whether it is for tourism or business.

This permit replaces a visa and is valid for two years, a period in which if you want to go again, you will need to renew and it is known as the ESTA.

Procedure for ESTA

The procedure for obtaining ESTA authorization for the United States can be done over the internet.

You simply have to go to the official ESTA website and proceed to fill out the form. The questionnaire will have simple and direct questions, such as the nationality and passport of the interested party (you must belong to a country that is part of the Visa Waiver Program) the reason for the trip (tourism, business, transit…) length of stay (the maximum will be 90 days) and show that you have a reservation for the return trip.

How much does ESTA cost

Once you complete the answers to the questionnaire, it is important to know that this ESTA is not free, but has a cost.

This cost may vary depending on several circumstances but it is always divided into two distinct parts.

First, a part of the fee that goes to the United States itself, which is the receiving country and the other part to defray the costs of managing the processing of the ESTA itself.

ESTA: What is it and how to get it 2

It is important to note that applications may be rejected for any reason. In the event that the application has been rejected, some of the money is returned, the bit that goes to the United States, however, the price paid for the processing cost will have been lost since the processing, whether successful or not, has been done.

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