Cardi B to face Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper title at 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Reigning Queen of Rap, Cardi B, is set to face the former Queen, Nicki Minaj, for the title of Best Female Rap artist at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Minaj who has had to cancel several concerts this year possibly due to poor attendance will more than likely lose the award to everyone’s favorite drug […]

Drug A Dude & Rob Him Rapper, Cardi B, Leads Billboard Awards With 21 Nominations

Although the former hooker openly admitted to drugging and robbing unsuspecting men, Cardi B leads this year’s Billboard Awards nominations with 21 nominations. A feat just one nomination short of the 22 nominations that Drake snagged previously. The rapper is also set to face off against Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper. It appears that […]

Mariah Carey Thrills Lambs At Sold Out Concert At Radio City Music Hall In Her Home State, New York

Radio City Music Hall welcomed Mariah Carey as she continues her Caution World tour. The diva performed classic hits as well as her new music to a sold out crowd in her home state. And, as a surprise, Mimi performed the fan favorite “Giving Me Life”. Check out the highlights below! The Elusive Chanteuse was […]

Former Hooker, Cardi B, Admits To Drugging and Robbing Unsuspecting Men

Rap’s new star, and former hooker, Cardi B went on Instagram live to stream her weekly rant (her version of Queen Radio). However, this time, the New York stripper is catching some heat for her words. The hooker turned rapper admitted to luring unsuspecting men into hotel rooms and drugging them. Cardi would then rob […]

Rap Queen, Cardi B, Files Trademark For Okurrr!

Queen of Rap, Cardi B, has filed a request with the  United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark her catchphrase “okurrr“. The rap superstar plans to use the catchphrase on various merchandise inlcuding but not limited to clothes, posters and even paper cups. And, just in case one of those other girls tries to […]

Ponytail Princess Ariana Grande Breaks Spotify Record With Over 2 Billion Streams For 3 Albums

Ponytail Princess, Ariana Grande, became the first female artist in history to have 3 albums with over 2 billion streams on Spotify. The albums thank u, next, Sweetener, and Dangerous Woman all bost a record breaking 2 billion streams each. “7 Rings” also saw our Ponytail Princess breaking several records back in January, including the 24-hour streaming record […]

Mariah Carey Copy Pastes Stefflon Don In A No No Remix Video – Tilts Goats

Songbird supreme Mariah Carey released a new music video for her single A No No featuring British rapper Stefflon Don. And, while there are some lambs who wanted to see Cardi B and co on the feature, we’re just happy to see Mariah do what she loves; make music. And the Don agrees. However, while […]

Recovering Crack Head Wendy Williams Claims That She Is Living In Sober House

Daytime capital P, Wendy Williams, took the opportunity to beg for empathy by announcing that she has been living in a “Sober House” for quite some time. The “recovering’ crack head had this to say. I had a struggle with cocaine in my past, and I never went to a place to get the treatment. […]

Cardi B To Star As A Stripper In Upcoming Movie

Reigning Rap Queen, Cadi B, lands role in upcoming movie starring  Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles and Mercedes Ruehl.  The movie, which also features Jennifer López and Constance Wu, cast Cardi as a stripper. A role that she is all too well qualified for. As we already know, Cardi was a professional stripper before she started dominating the […]

Self Proclaimed Queen Of Rap, Onika, Cancels Yet Another Concert

Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel yet another concert today. The tour, scheduled for Ireland, had to be cancelled due to “bad” weather. However, barbz were not pleased at all with the cancellation. The 300 or so barbz that would have been in attendance took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Very late to cancel. […]

Queen of Remixes, Mariah Carey, debuts A No No remix featuring Stefflon Don

The long awaited remix for Mariah Carey’s A No No has finally appeared and we’re loving the new lyrics added by Stefflon Don! “Burn down your house like Lisa Left Eye / Ain’t no ni**a left, aye,” raps Stefflon on the remixed track. Sizzling! Pure fire! To those lambs complaining that it’d not Cardi, go […]

Former “Queen” of Rap cancels concert, fans ask for Cardi B, the reigning “Queen” instead

Nicki Minaj had to cancel yet another concert. This time, the once Queen of Rap cancelled a Paris show due to “technical difficulties”. But, word on the internet is that the “has been” cancelled the show due to poor attendance. Apparently the 500 barbz that gathered at the venue weren’t worth performing for. The disappointment […]

Mariah Carey Snatches All Wigs With Caution World Tour Opening Night In Dallas!

First of all, the Song Bird Supreme looks A+mazing as always! I mean every outfit change slays! Before we get into the highlights of the opening night in Dallas, check out the setlist! With a mix of songs from her Caution album, the Glitter Soundtrack and fan favorites, there’s no denying that this will be […]

The Best Streaming Services Of 2019

Here’s our analysis of the best video streaming services of 2019. The list includes prices, differences, and international availability. Netflix Netflix, the blueprint when it comes to online streaming services, tops the list. It is available worldwide. But, sits US version has a more varied catalog of video streaming content than that of any other country. Netflix […]