Differences between backdoors and Trojans

One of the most widespread ideas is that backdoors and Trojans are the same, but this is not the case. Backdoors and Trojans have traits in common but they are different things.

Trojans have the functionalities of backdoor technology to be able to get into the victim’s devices at any moment and be able to work without arousing suspicion.

But, backdoors do not always come from external sources, in fact ,many of them are already in the victim’s system and applications.

In these cases, the developers may have forgotten to block them or they may have activated them with the intention of optimizing the operation of the applications.

What are backdoors?

Backdoor or “back door” is an entry to the system that is secret or hidden for the vast majority of users. However, there are attackers who know this and take advantage of them to gain access to your system through third-party devices or applications.

What are Trojans?

A Trojan is a program that is introduced onto the operating systems and causes all kinds of damage. In fact its name comes from mythology.

Do you remember the Trojan horse? In fact, most Trojans are located within applications or programs that victims download and that are apparently harmless.

How to deal with trojans and backdoors?

In this sense, it is important to learn how to find and identify backdoors and eliminate them in order to reduce threats.

Normally those that are installed by means of Trojans are much easier to eliminate by means of web traffic analysis/virus scan.

On the other hand, those that are already included in your system in a native way are more difficult to identify and eliminate, so you must request assistance from specialized professionals.