Cardi B and Selena Gomez make surprise appearance and performance at Coachella

Cardi B and Selena Gomez were a hot mess during their “surprise” Coachella performance this weekend.

The duo joined DJ Snake during his scheduled set to perform Taki Taki alongside Ozuna.

Cardi B came on stage and it looked like her butt implants were about ready to go plop on the floor.

Judging by her lack of twerking and “stiff” jumps, it’s safe to say that the drug me and rob me rapper knew something was off with her buttocks.

Selena then hit the stage to lip-sync her part and it looked like she just came out of a thrift shop and flung on a bad weave to go with her grandpa’s wedding tux from 1685. Nonetheless, the duo looked like they were having fun.

Check out humpty dumpty and old Mc Donald below lighting up the Coachella stage.

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