Types Of Ferrets – Explanation + Visual Guide

To start off, I must say that they aren’t different types of ferrets. There’s only one kind of ferret, however, they come in a variety of colors. Thus, it’s only natural that you might get confused. The American Ferret Association recognizes the following colors when describing ferrets: Albino Black Black Sable Champagne Chocolate Cinnamon Dark-eyed […]

Types Of Toads – Explanation + Visual Guide

What are the different types of toads? There are around 6000 species of frogs and toads and, while toads are considered frogs, toads generally have rough, warty skin and short legs. Frogs, on the other hand, have smooth and slimy skin with long legs. For now, we’ll focus on the varying species of toads. Types […]

Types Of Bears – Explanation + Visual Guide

As far as different types of bears go, there are 8 different bear species that you’d find around the world. However, within the different species of bears, you’d find different types of bears or subspecies. Bears can live in a variety of terrain types and they are omnivorous animals with some favoring a plant-based diet […]

Types Of Rainbowfish – Explanation + Visual Guide

There are more than 50 types of rainbowfish, including the neon dwarf rainbowfish, threadfin rainbowfish, Madagascar rainbowfish, and red rainbowfish. Rainbowfish are an omnivorous freshwater fish and, like the different types of guppies, their scales exhibit vivid ‘rainbow’ colors which makes them attractive and a sort after pet fish for aquariums. Rainbowfish are schooling fish […]