6 Tips To Boost Your Exercise Routine During Menstruation

You start the year with the same goals as anyone else: improve your diet, pamper yourself more and keep up with an effective training routine.

Everything is going well and bam! Your period comes along to ruin your plans!

There’s no need to interrupt your training for four or more days a week. Here are six tips to help you not only to maintain your routine, but also to improve your mood and health before, during and after your period.

Get ready from the first symptoms of PMS

If you are one of the women who experience fatigue and mood swings during premenstrual syndrome, opt for aerobic exercise such as running, biking or swimming.

Eat food rich in magnesium

Have you ever noticed during your period that your craving for chocolate is stronger? This happens because your magnesium levels decrease.

But, don’t go binge eating chocolate. You can get magnesium from sunflower seeds, almonds or bananas.

Consume these foods a couple of days before and during your premenstrual syndrome and you will see an increase in your energy and mood.

Raise your endorphin levels

Raise your serotonin levels with relaxing activities. For example, surround yourself with nature or do some gardening.

Take a walk

Keep your cardiovascular or aerobic exercise at a low intensity compared to your usual routine. Consider light cardio, walking or light weight exercises.

Lower the weight on your fitness equipment

Your body uses more energy during menstruation. Including low-volume strength training is the best option during this time.

Do some yoga

Pamper yourself with relaxing exercises such as yoga. You will release tension as well as relieve muscular fatigue.

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