10 iPhone Tricks Everyone Should Know

Here are 10 iPhone tricks that you do not know and will prove to be very useful. The iPhone is the star invention as far as mobile technology goes. The once king of smartphones still holds a huge share in the tech world.

Save battery

Low battery problems are a thing of the past once you lower the screen brightness or turn off the Wi-fi/Bluetooth.

There’s also low power mode which turns your iPhone battery yellow until you charge it. It also saves even more battery life.

Take photos with your headphones

There’s no doubt that we use our iPhones for taking photos. We all want that perfect shot!

You can use the volume + (up) button on your headphones to take photos. Of course, you need to open the camera app first.

Taking screenshots

If you want to share your screen, you can take a screenshot of it. Press the Home button and the sleep button at the same time.

For iPhone X and other iPhones without the Home button, 

  1. Press and hold the Side button on the right side of iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR.
  2. Click the Volume Up button at the exact same time.

Reset iPhone

For slowness, software issues, you can reset your iPhone to fix it. Press the home button and the off button at the same time for a couple of seconds.

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The Apple icon or the “power off” bar will appear, swipe so that the phone turns off and you turn it on again.

The methods you use vary depending on which iPhone you own.

Save images

You’re surfing the Internet and you find an image you like, but you do not know how to save that photo?

You have to put a finger on it and press the screen (gentle) so that the “save photo” option appears.

Use scientific calculator

Solving math problems or running statistics with your iPhone is easy. To use the scientific calculator, open the calculator application and rotate the iPhone.

Save articles, news, and more

There are many interesting articles on the Internet, but some are long and take time to read.

  • Once you find an article you want to save, tap the Share button on the bottom of your screen.
  • Then tap on Add to Reading List.


Having the same icons for all applications is always boring and monotonous. That is why Safari allows us to create quick links to differentiate between sites.

On the iPhone, you can make a shortcut that to each site on your home screen, each with a unique icon.

Turn off autocorrect

Autocorrect may be a great annoyance for some who do not know how to disable them.

Enter Settings, then General and then Keyboard. Turn off the toggle next to “Autocorrection”. As easy as that!

Fast forward without skipping songs

An iPhone without music is not an iPhone to the full extent of the word. Many times you have had the bad luck to move from one song to another without fast forward, right?

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Don’t worry, press and hold the forward/back arrows to fast forward or rewind without skipping the song.



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